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Friday Flamingo Field Trip

DSC06933 The great thing about living in Las Vegas is that there are always free things to go see and do. The not so great part is that you always have to walk through a smoky casino to get there. With the Veenendaal family and the Marchants we visited the Flamingo Hilton to see the penguin habitat. We found out that they took that out so we had to settle for some flamingos and an African Crowned Crane. Actually they had a beautiful set up with huge koi and ducks as well.

DSC06934 We then visited the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory in Henderson and walked through the cactus garden.

My personal favorite part of the trip was finding the Learning is Fun store. Maybe a bit pricey, but aisles and aisles of good ideas. Plus I finally got some butcher paper. Luke loved the Science section.