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Wizard of Oz Tea Party

January was a full month, starting out with a horrible computer virus, then packing like crazy to move, finding out we might not move, and then eventually moving.  Not meaning to complain, just saying, it's been inconvenient to keep record of what we've been doing.  But as you can see, same old same old...

After learning about the Maori people of New Zealand, we tried to paint each other's faces like them!  No thanks for the Hitler mustache Sylvia.  And I love how Luke drew pokemon balls on Isabel's cheeks and the Legend of Zelda triforce on her forehead.

Maori Warrior

Lately I've been finding hundreds of pictures just like this one when I upload our photos.  Hazel has become quite the sneaky photographer.

I remember my big sister always had the best ideas and I am pretty sure Sylvia feels the same way about her big sister.  I sure feel like I could use an orange slice on my forehead at the Isabel Spa right now.

Spa beauty table.  (I love it when I go to a spa and they floss my teeth for me!  Actually I've never been to a spa, maybe they do that.)

Sylvia got the "Chicken Pox."

Isabel made her own TV and DVD player out of our moving boxes...

...along with some DVDs.  (The Wizard of Oz Tea Party is my favorite.)

Thank you for the warning signs.

Luke and Isabel's piano teacher, Mary Woods, is also a fantastic quilter.  One day a week for quite a few weeks Isabel has been quilting at Mary's home for hours making this beautiful quilt.  I can't even express how grateful I am to Mary for taking the time to teach and work with Isabel.  I know Isabel enjoyed every minute of it and it has been a great confidence booster for her.