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Christmas Picture Books

In our home we celebrate Christmas!  We love the stories and songs.  At the library we found a lot of great Christmas picture books that are new to me. A Dozen Silk Diapers

Baboushka and the Three Kings

When I was a child, living in Los Angeles, our family had a Christmas tradition of visiting Olvera Street, the oldest street in the city, to see the parade of Las Posadas.  I was very excited when I came across these two books.

Pedro: The Angel of Olvera Street

The Night of Las Posadas

Bloody Barbie Mummy

At the end of this Halloween Pie book it has a recipe for pumpkin pie.

Today we read the book and made...


For the first year ever we have bought a few Halloween decorations.  Tonight Sylvia asked if we could get five more.  Being in a good mood I said, "Sure! What kind do you want!?"  Here is her list...

-a half skeleton half bird with bird wings. -a skeleton with "plug cords" coming out of it's eyes. -birds with blood coming out of their eyes. -a fake cheeseburger with a mad face. -a mummy.

I explained to her as best I could that these Halloween decorations were pretty specific and I don't know if they will have any of these at the store.  I suggested that she could at least make the mummy with a Barbie and some toilet paper.  Here is her bloody Barbie mummy.  (The gruesome earing through the forehead was already there by the way.)

Yesterday at the cemetery when someone started up a chainsaw to trim some tree limbs, Sylvia asked me what that noise was.  I told her it was a tool to cut branches off of the tree.  She then calmly replied, "Oh, I thought it was someone here that's buried screaming to get out."

Some Of Our Favorite Books

My favorite homeschooling activity to do with my children is reading out loud with them.  More specifically, reading fairy tales, fables, myths and legends.  Children are naturally drawn to creative make believe stories, but more importantly, even though the stories are completely fantastical, they teach profound truths.  Tonight as a family we read from Aesop's Fables and The Very Best of Aesop's Fables

Our favorite fairy tales lately are the familiar stories, with a twist.  For example, there are so many Cinderellas!  We love The Egyptian Cinderella and Cinderhazel.

At the library today we found this beautiful book, Sugar Cane: A Caribbean Rapunzel.

In A Fairy Tale Feast after each story, is a related recipe.  For example, after reading Snow White, we followed the recipe for, and ate, baked cinnamon apples, then after reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we cooked porridge.