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Child Psychologist?

Today was the last day of MOPS for the Spring. The next MOPS meeting will be in September. I had a great time as usual talking with friends, eating brunch and listening to a great motivating speaker. My kids love it there because they always do fun crafts, lessons and activities. As I've said before, MOPS is a group for Christian moms with preschoolers. Our meetings are held at a Baptist church and I am pretty sure that a lot of the moms are Baptist. I am the only mom there that is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints (Mormon). All of the women have always been very friendly and never judgmental, but being only one in my faith and with all of the weird things that people think about "Mormons", I can't help but wonder what they think of me.

So point is, I was part mortified and part amused today when I picked up my kids from their classes and on one side of Luke's paper he drew a book titled "The Book of Mormon" and then on the other side he drew a guy with a gun and spikes all over. Later I asked Isabel what they were supposed to draw on their papers and she said, feelings. Maybe I better take that picture to a child psychologist. Hehehe.