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Part Three of Our Epic 2011 Road Trip

We only spent two nights in this cabin at Yosemite, but sometimes I miss it so much.  We had such a great time there.

The cabin had a separate room for the kids and a bathroom (maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much.)  Instead of a TV in the room, there was a large basket full of games and books.

Luke and Sylvia slept on the fold out bed and Isabel and Hazel in the other room.  We pair them this way in the car as well, Luke and Sylvia in the middle, Isabel and Hazel in the back.  Seating arrangement is key for pleasant traveling.

Eating breakfast from our cooler.

Lunch from the sandwich iron I brought.

Joey found a lone glove underneath one of the beds and kept touching everyone with was creepy.

At the beginning of our stay, we looked through the games and Joey and I turned our noses up at Yatzee.  Cut to: that very night (and the whole rest of our time there) Joey, and Isabel and I playing Yatzee while chanting...

Yatzee Yatzee Paparazzi Eat a carrot Kill a parrot!

Oh yeah, it was good family togetherness.

Every night there was a fire with free smores supplies!

I already feel so nostalgic about these pictures.  We had such a good time and our children are at such cute ages right now :)

Joey teaching rock skipping.