Say No to a Separate School Room

I've made this mistake...TWICE.  When we lived in Las Vegas I dedicated our whole loft area to be our school room.  I bought shelves, a special table, put school posters on the walls and everything until I realized it was very inconvenient not to be near the center of the home.

I eventually moved all of our supplies downstairs on a shelf right near the kitchen table which proved to be much more convenient.

Once again: I've had a lot of our school supplies in this back house for about a year now because I thought it would make the best school room.  I thought that a great thing about having it separate from the house was that if it was a mess, no one would see.  Truthfully, when it's a mess NO one sees because we don't even want to go in there.

These last few weeks I've been organizing our supplies into our laundry room which is right off of the kitchen, and turning our back house into a garden/tool/project shed.

We try to have places all over the house for our children, or anyone, to read, draw, etc.


But the favorite place that gets used for school work the most is still, our kitchen table.