Pet Rocks

Today was great. This morning we didn't even go through our Calendar etc. routine, Luke and Isabel (and Sylvia as always) found something to do and got busy. Isabel worked on practicing writing letters, doing connect the dots, mazes, reading and Math. Luke created words from the letters in one of his spelling words, wrote in his journal, wrote stories, read his book and Math. I read to them for a while and helped them with their Math when they needed me. After lunch Ryan came over. He is my friends sweet little four year old. I let them chose what rock they wanted and then we all painted our rocks and put google eyes on them. We then named our pet rocks. Mine is named, Dotty, Luke's, Bonehead, Isabel's, Shelly, and Ryan's, Puppy. The kids all played in the backyard a lot today. Isabel then fell asleep and Luke watched Myth Busters and practiced piano.

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