NOT back to school! - unschooling/homeschooling

Today was the first day of school for the suckers that go to school. It was raining like crazy outside which made it especially fun not to go anywhere! We did calendar, BOM story, spelling words etc and then off to Dyana's house for our NOT back to school party. Dyana and four other moms that homeschool where there with our however many kids. Dyana had a large sign on Butcher paper that said, "Welcome NOT back to school!" that the children all colored on and decorated, then hung up. We then had a jump rope contest for the kids, then a fun obstacle course (all Dyana's creativity!) and then lunch and playing outside. It was good to get the kids together to meet each other and good for us moms too.

When we got home, Sylvia napped while I started presenting our Math curriculum. They both did very well for a while and were working on their worksheets when Isabel started crying and being overly dramatic about a paper cut. I was a little annoyed and then remembered that they had had a big morning and that she is just a little kindergartner, so I slapped a bandaid on here and put her in my bed. Luke seemed to enjoy the Math and I let him stop when he wanted. We then looked up something on the internet about Pokemon. Isabel has recovered and they are now watching the movie Ice Age while I pay bills, make dentist appointments, register our car and the most fun, clean up Sylvia's Jackson Pollock poo artwork on the wall that she just created.