Music lesson and Squiggle Game

Things we did for school today: -Cut out snowflakes

-Read our Christmas stories while we burned our Christmas candle

-Wrote down spelling words (Isabel is learning, one two three four...etc.)

-Played the squiggle game. I wrote a shape or squiggle and they had to create a picture out of it. (They loved it and were very creative.)

-Luke made up and taught Isabel and me a music lesson. We had to make up words to our song and when he pointed to his picture he drew at the top, we had to sing our song high, when he pointed to his picture on the bottom we had to sing our song low.

-Luke also wrote Super Luke #31 and #32 while we were waiting in the doctor's office this morning.

-Isabel practiced reading to me.

-Luke and Isabel watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD about Wind.

Isabel also had fun playing at her friend Morgan's house and Sylvia played at her friend Nara's today. After Ryan leaves around 4, we are going to go pick up Aden and Morgan and walk around the track at the park.