Errands with four and Isabel "goes to home school."

Last night I babysat Ryan and his older sister Tori (5). I had them all make paper Christmas chains with twelve links for each day left until Christmas. Isabel LOVES count down paper chains. I overheard Isabel and Tori's conversation... Tori: I made a count down chain in school before.

Isabel: Well, I go to home school and we made a count down chain for Thanksgiving.

I just love it how Isabel "goes to home school."...funny.

This morning, Luke and Isabel took their Friday spelling test and completed their Math worksheets. I HAD to get the oil changed in the car and go to get white tights for Isabel's dance performance. Taking four kids to Jiffy Lube and Target??? You better BELIEVE I said a quick prayer before pulling out of the garage.

And it worked....sort of. Although the little Jiffy Lube lobby was filled with chaos because of my four (crayons all over, Apartment Finder catalogs Sylvia threw around, Ryan and Sylvia running in circles screaming) I was very patient and pretty creative in distracting them. Luke just read his book, Isabel colored her Twelve Days of Christmas pictures, Ryan was pretty crazy, but Sylvia was pretty crazy AND had a poopy diaper, so she wins the prize. Let's not even mention Target, it was more chaos with ANOTHER poopy diaper by Sylvia and no more clean ones in my bag for her, enough said. Looking on the bright side, I never lost my patience, yelled at them and then felt guilty later. That is what usually happens.

This afternoon I was planning on burning our Christmas candle and reading the Christmas stories to the kids while they color their Twelve days of Christmas and do more Christmas projects, but instead I have a last minute doctor's appointment that I have to drag the four to. Need to say another prayer and hope I have some patience left in me!