Fun in Flagstaff, AZ

Our good friends, the Jones family, moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.  I decided to take the kids up during the week while poor Joey worked.  We had a great time enjoying our forest friends in the forest weather.

Downtown Flagstaff has so many fun shops.

Julie and Travis (and Odin)

These two played so well together.  Hazel thought they were playing husband and wife the whole time while Bo thought they were playing Ninjas.

Sylvia wore Indi's clothes the whole time we were there.

Don't ever have Travis take your picture.

Tea Party.

Travis was so great to play Settlers of Catan with the boys.

Coolest Barbie house EVER!

Poking a dead thing with a stick.


Somehow Hazel ended up with no clothes at the end of our geocaching adventure.