California Grandparents

This last week the California Grandparents came to visit!  Here is a paper towel garden we made!...don't ask.

Feeding the giraffes at the zoo is always a big hit!

Hazel with her grandpa!

The day before, grandpa had just given Luke and Isabel a little lesson on South America.  At the zoo there is a "South American" section.  Here they are looking at the blank map and naming the countries.

Jane Goodall was at the zoo!  She was there as a speaker.  She talked about how even when she was a little girl she knew she wanted to go to Africa and study animals and people would laugh at her "unrealistic" dream.

The cemetery is always a big hit too.  Joey and I decided that the reason why we love this cemetery is that anything goes as far as what you can put up on the graves.  One of our favorite graves has a huge bench with solar lights.  It is also decorated with cute little trinkets.  Here are some farm animals Hazel loved.