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Chicken Coop

Luke's scout leader decided to make our chicken coop a scout project.  Hurray!  Luke designed it and they spent many hours working on it.

Here they are in their Chicken Mansion!

We still need to add some roosts and thought we would plant a few plants for them to peck at.

Joey put their water on a timer.


Here is a video of the coop.

Chicken Coop

Sylvia turns 7!

We had a huge party for Sylvia's birthday this year.

She helped out a lot with the preparation.

Filling the pinata.

Cotton Candy man!

Patiently waiting.

Isabel was my photographer a lot of the time and love the pictures she captured.  I am glad she took a picture of the flies because they were certainly a part of the party.

Our friend Lynn Perrello made this amazing cake.

Sylvia had fun rearranging the horses.

Joey helping her see her balloon in the sky.