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Kid's Center

Yesterday afternoon for one of Luke's Boy Scout requirements he picked out a place to go, found it on the map, gave me directions on how to get there and then at the end calculated how much the fuel cost for the trip...$1.25 by the way.  He picked a toy store called Kid's Center.  This particular toy store is as educational as Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's is artful.

Hazel pushing her baby monkey.

This store has books, collectibles, puzzles, science kits, dress ups, thinking games, you name it.

We found an M.C. Escher puzzle grandpa Oldham would love to help us with.

On the way home we happened to go through a Taco Bell drive through.  While waiting for our food, Sylvia looked at the sixteen year old Taco Bell employee and said, "He's cute.  I want to marry him if he doesn't already have a wife."  Do you think I should be a little worried?

The Byzantine Empire

Just like Hammurabi, Justinian had his own set of laws. Here are a couple of my favorites... -If you find a jewel or other treasure washed up on the seashore, you can keep it for yourself.

-When a bishop, priest, or pastor is praying or preaching, he has to speak loudly enough for everyone to hear. If he doesn't, God will punish him, and so will the emperor!

Here is history "class" out on the patio. Luke learned a valuable lesson today:  When you are surrounded by four females, it is not a good idea to claim (even in jest) that all of the bad things that happened in the Byzantine Empire was the result of the Empress consulting the Emperor how to rule. For this lesson there were paper dolls of Justinian and his wife, Theodora. When Hazel scribbled in blue on her coloring page Sylvia fixed it just by saying, "Just pretend that she colored it good."