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Summer Piano Recital

Tonight Luke and Isabel performed in a piano recital for the summer students.  Since there aren't as many students in the summer, it was more casual.  They each played a couple of songs and then played a duet together.

In the summertime, we still have our children do their math, piano lessons, history, or whatever else we are into.  It sounds like I am a cruel task master, but seriously, we play so much that we have to be doing school all year round!

A more entertaining picture from tonight would have been Sylvia in her pink tutu at the recital trying with all her might to not chase after the dogs, hide under the piano or spin on the stool (of course the devil on her shoulder won on all three accounts).  Unfortunately, I was so in the moment just trying to get her to not be a distraction that I didn't think to snap a picture.

Salt Lake City Trip

Buying supplies for the annual trip where three generations go out for a weekend of trickin' and killin'.  Joey, Luke and Grandpa Joe's fishing trip!

Once we got rid of the boys in Saint George, Utah, us girls drove north to Salt Lake City to have a girl weekend with Aunt Natalie!  (Baby Jack was allowed to attend the girl weekend.)  Here we are making a stop in Nephi, Utah at a Burger King.  Love their veggie burger.

Love their "Twilight" crowns!

When we arrived, we each got a, specially handmade by Natalie, bag.

Thanks Natalie, the girls loved it!  And my orangie bag is now my art pencil and pen holder!

We visited a neighbors garden.

Hazel kissing Jack's head.

Eating garden tomatoes.

Hazel dancing.

more dance moves.

The girls each had a turn in the hammock.


Natalie helped the girls sew their own little pillows with their initial on it.

Sylvia calls her pillow her headache pillow and only uses it if she bonks her head.

Visited Gardener's Village.

Each shop was too cute.

Here I am after purchasing these cute dolls from the Doll Shop.


The little girls got baby dolls from great grandmother Kay.

Isabel got some handmade by Kay Little Women dolls.  She loves them and I am trying to figure out a way that I could somehow frame/display them that would allow Isabel to still get them out and touch them if she wanted to.  Any ideas?

Hazel was very cuddly with Kay.

Natalie and Jack!

What the?

Party at Kay's house.

Kay and Isabel.