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Color Wheel

The other day Luke was asking me about the color wheel so with a little help from Google images we looked up some color wheels. I briefly told them about warm colors, cool colors and contrasting colors. This morning I had color wheels for them to fill in but Luke was not interested so here is Isabel's cute wheel. color wheel

What Luke was interested in was having me play his Line Man World 3. I certainly didn't know there were so many rules. You can kill a guy by circling him, there was one level that I could only "jump" 2 millimeters high and at the end on level 10 he got out his pencil and tried to bump my pencil into the spikes. Wow, what an exciting game. Luke says that he wants to be a horticulturist and his hobby to be designing video games "just for his family."

Isabel drew a map this morning and practiced in her writing book. I read some Shel Silverstein poems to them and now they are doing their math. Now I need to go read a book to Sylvia because I feel so guilty for constantly saying "later" to her.

Sylvia just now saw this blog entry and wondered where her color wheel was, so here it is. (Those are faces, and the blue was Isabel trying to encourage Sylvia to COLOR her color wheel.) Hehehe.

sylvia's wheel