The Witch in My House

A book I illustrated a while back is out on Lulu!  And just in time for Halloween. Here is the back cover summary...

"Suspicious little Sammy has a big imagination and has been watching his mother very closely.  The more he watches, the more he is convinced that his mother is hiding a big secret.  Told in verse by Brad Oldham and illustrated by Sabrina Vincent, The Witch in My House allows you to follow Sammy as he realizes that his mother's secret may explain some of her amazing abilities."

Click here to purchase.

Mural Unveiling at Valley of the Moon

There will be an official mural unveiling for my Snow White and fairy/butterfly wing murals at Valley of the Moon on Saturday, October 1st, at 6 p.m. There were many people and forces involved in making this mural happen, Home Depot with it's lovely donated paint and people, friends and neighbors in the Tucson community, and the magic of Valley of the Moon. 

You can still help by donating $ here, for solar lights that will light up the murals at night!

Mural at Valley of the Moon - Volunteer Information

I am going to paint a mural at Valley of the Moon in Tucson.  Saturday, September 3rd at 7 a.m. will be priming and painting day! We just want your body, your food or your money.  Here are ways you can help...

-show up with your paint clothes on ready to work
-donate snacks or water bottles (either to VOTM that morning or to my house before and I can bring them)
-donate $ to VOTM

Stay tuned for our paint by numbers volunteer day on September 24th.